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Lily/James Fest

Lily and James Fan Fest
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Presenting Lily/James Seasons' Greetings 2011!

This is a low pressure fest intended to add a little Lily/James-flavoured cheer to your holidays this year - participants have the opportunity to submit a couple of prompts they'd like to see made into fanfiction, art, or mixed media, and get to choose which of their fellow participants' Holiday wishes to fulfill! Check out our Rules & Guidelines + Sign-Up Post for more info!


October 15th: Requests open
October 21st: Close requests.
-- 3 day window in which participants get to review which other participants gift they'd like to fulfill! --
October 24th: Claiming opens
November 28th: Submissions due


lilyjames_fest was originally founded for the Lily/James Summer Fest 2010. The complete masterlist of stories written for that fest can be found here!
That was followed up by the Lily/James Games 2011, for which you can find the masterlist of stories & art here!


Your friendly neighborhood moderators can be contacted via the Page-A-Mod post!

The layout is by thefulcrum; header art is by viria13 @ deviantart!